Project Brief

Award-winning campaign presented at the 18th edition of the advertising competition De la clase a la cuenta (From class to account). The jury, made up of  Lluís Bassat,  founder of Bassat Ogilvy, and Josep María Mir, founder of SUMMA, awarded a special prize to this 360º advertising campaign



Project Type:



The aim was promoting the format of the cane beer sales leader among people 18 to 30 years with a medium-low purchasing power. The brand wants to be identified with the good times with friends and position your beer as the object that makes you lengthen those funny moments. On the other hand, considers it important that the product in question is a barrel of beer.

Through this campaign, Cruzcampo encourages your people who are suffering from a huge crisis to  keep moving. Under The slogan: Muévete, demuestra que eres único (Get moving, show you are special) the brand reminds them that every person is unique and powerful.

The campaign integrates six pieces covering TV, Radio, Social Media, Sponsorship of a music event, Street Marketing, a competition, and POS advertising in a twelve-month communication plan.

Street Marketing and Web Competition

Cruzcampo sets up a competition called “Muévete, demuestra que eres único” (“Get moving, show you are special”) in which young people send a video showing their special dance moves. The videos are uploaded to Cruzcampo’s webpage and viewers vote for the winner. The prize is two tickets to the music festival “Territorios”, which is sponsored by Cruzcampo and takes place annually in Seville. This competion is also promoted on the street trough poster and mupi on bus stops.

Point of Sale

This video shows how a new advertising format at the point of sale would work. When a customer orders a Cruzcampo, they get a token that they can put into the Cruzcampo Jukebox (placed strategically in featured bars) and pick a song. This way, they show off their good musical taste and customize the pub’s atmosphere. The whole activity reflects the slogan (“Get moving, show you are special”). Each pub can then create a Spotify playlist which any Spotify user can listen to at home.