My Story

I grew up in a small town of the south of Spain in a family of teachers. Since I was kid I was in contact with different cultures what gave me a good sense of the importance of equity and social cohesion. I was a clumsy happy child. I broke my arm twice and I had to learn to paint with the left hand. Drawing has been my constant. I love art and people. So, I based my formation on that. After studying communication and design for 5 years in Seville, I moved to Madrid to complete my set of skills with my other bigger passion; technology. I move around different companies for a while looking for what really makes my heart pumps. That brought me to Germany where I started my career as UX designer. I use illustration as the key to bring love to user interfaces and give a soul to branding communication. In the past years I also got some opportunities to make illustration for an editorial. This has turned on the spark inside me and I got into the new adventure of book illustration.

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