Here’s what I am
as a proffesional.

HCI User Experience Specialist

I work as a UX designer in the software company SAP.  I’ve deeply involved in e-commerce and unifying the end user experience across multichannel user journey. I like working in collaboration with other designer and having the opportunity of working in different fields or aspect of one experience.

Multidisciplinary Designer

Graphic designer, photographer, web designer, illustrator… I’ve been working in different roles along my career. That brings me a global overview of the process of a project end to end. I also studied 5 years of communication where I got a good background of marketing and psychology. What I completed with a master specialist on front-end development.

Tech Woman

I am deeply connected with technology. I’ve worked in my past as front-end developer and I got a master certification on tech design. I have a solid knowledge about HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. As well as good understanding of other coding languages and backend system. The learning curve of new software is really smooth on my case. I am used to work with different software, frameworks and devices.

Passionate Illustrator

Illustration is the biggest of my passions. I really enjoy the storyboard phase on UX projects and I always try to find time to make aside projects related to illustration. I consider myself a creative person and I really like to show and tell people the visual composition of things the couldn’t imagine by themselfs.

Me as a human

I believe each person is much more than a set of skills and companies on the cv.

Maybe you are here because you think I may fit in a open position on your company or because you want to think more about me. If that is the case, then, definitely, you should know me no only as a professional but also as a human.

Discover the human