Project Brief

nspired by classic japanese 8-bit and 16-bit era games like “Ninja Gaiden”, “Shinobi”, “Hagane”, “Ninja Warriors again” and 80s/90s cyberpunk anime we wanted to create a tribute to those awesome cyborg ninjas by assembling a bunch of hot new artists to create some unique cyber ninja tales.

Nine artists contributed completely different comics: dark and violent action-packed dystopian cyberpunk tales, colorful retro madness, beautiful mindtrips, but also cute little toy ninjas and shinobi sausages!

The book is intended for mature readers! It contains some bloody violence, gore, nudity and foul language. So be warned if you are sensitive to that.

Our goal is to print 100 beautiful hardcover editions of the comic book anthology “CYBER NINJA 2082”!

The Book

The size of the book is large 8.27 x 11.69 inches. It counts about 100 pages, features high quality heavy paper (170g/m²) with full color artwork on the inside, a sturdy full color hardcover and a japanese-style obi, which is wrapped around the cover and can be unfolded to a poster!

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